Whirlpool 7.4 cu. ft. Gas Dryer Chrome Shadow
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Whirlpool 7.4 cu. ft. Gas Dryer Chrome Shadow

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  • WGD6620HC
  • Get room to handle large loads with 7.4 cu-ft capacity

  • Create customized cycles in a few touches with Intuitive Controls

  • Help keep wrinkles from setting with continued tumbling with steam

  • Wrinkle Shield™ Plus option with Steam - helps keep wrinkles from setting into clean, dry fabrics

  • Steam Refresh cycle - releases wrinkles and reduces odors using water and heat to get clothes ready to wear without rewashing

  • Sanitize cycle - provides care for your clothes in the dryer while eliminating 99.9% of common household bacteria

  • Advanced Moisture Sensing - three sensors track moisture and temperature, adapting drying times to end the cycle at just the right time

  • Static reduce option - helps decrease static by combining a spray of mist with tumbling after the load is dry

  • EcoBoost™ option - saves energy by using less heat and an extended cycle time

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