Samsung 24 in Top Control Dishwasher
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Samsung 24 in Top Control Dishwasher

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Interior of the dishwasher door is covered with stainless steel that is more durable and hygienic

  • Adjustable upper rack makes it easy to fit various dishware shapes and sizes
  • Digital leak sensor identifies leaks as small as 2.4 oz. and shuts itself off before water can escape
  • Fully integrated touch control panel on the top of the door gives the dishwasher a nice, clean appearance and matches easily with other stainless steel appliances
  • Samsung's dishwasher has a heavy-duty advanced wash system that gets pots and pans clean every time
  • Touch control fully integrated control panel makes it easy to select functions with a gentle touch, located on the top of the door for easy access
  • With 4 wash cycles and 5 wash options, this dishwasher allows you to adjust the water pressure and water temperature ensure clean, shiny dishes
  • Interior of the dishwasher accommodates 14 place settings so you can wash multiple dishes at once
  • Sleek bar handle compliments the beautiful stainless steel exterior
  • Quieter dishwasher at 55 dba
  • Indicator light advanced wash system energy star rated at 265 kWh/year, touch control, 4 wash cycles, 4 options, 14 place settings
  • Advanced wash system - a heavy-duty wash gets the pots and pans clean
  • 14 place settings - accommodate 14 place settings so that you can wash multiple dishes at once