Maytag 4.7 cu ft Top Load High Efficiency White
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Maytag 4.7 cu ft Top Load High Efficiency White

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  • Wash basket is constructed out of sturdy stainless steel that's built for the long haul, stays looking great and is made for higher spin speeds to help dry clothes more quickly and completely
  • The PowerWash cycle features a combination of extra cleaning action and heated water to attack everyday tough stains
  • Wash loads faster with the Rapid Wash cycle that cuts down on wash and spin time while boosting motion and temperature to shorten the cycle without compromising on clean
  • 11 wash cycles, including Bedding, Clean Washer with a fresh, Cold Wash, Colors, Delicates, Drain and Spin, Normal, POWERWASH, Rapid Wash, Sanitize with Oxi, and Wrinkle Control
  • 5 temperature selections, including cold, cool, hot, warm, and warmer
  • Touch-activated rear panel controls provide convenient access to all cycle and option selections
  • Fight everyday stubborn stains with the Auto Sensing option, which adjusts the water level for each load to provide efficient, concentrated cleaning
  • For more water when you want it, choose the Deep Fill option to fill the wash basket with a maximum water level. Available on any cycle, the extra water works with the PowerWash agitator to effectively break up and rinse away crusted-on messes
  • The PowerWash agitator tackles any load size with both efficient, concentrated cleaning to fight stubborn stains and robust wash action to help break up messes
  • 5 soil selections including, extra heavy, extra light, heavy, light, and medium
  • The Feedback-Status Indicators let you know the stage of each load cycle. The indicators include done, estimated time remaining, lid lock, rinse, sensing, spin, and wash