Whirlpool Front Control Tall Tub Dishwasher
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Whirlpool Front Control Tall Tub Dishwasher

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  • Take advantage of 35% more rack space to load more dishes and get extra room for hard to fit items
  • Automatically get the right wash and dry settings for each load with 2 sensors that measure temperature, soil level and load size during prewash and the wash cycle
  • Clean the dishes you need fast with a cycle that thoroughly takes care of plates, pans and glasses in just an hour
  • Quickly start your dishwasher with one button, it automatically remembers the last cycle you picked so its stored and ready to go
  • Determines how dirty dishes are and adjusts the Normal cycle as needed to make sure dishes come out clean
  • Manually raise or lower the upper rack 2 in. to better fit tall items
  • Sanitizes dishes by eliminating 99.999% of food soil bacteria
  • Promotes drying by retaining heat from wash and rinse cycles. Plus, it cools faster than the dishes so moisture can condensate on the interior walls and not the dishes
  • Use for normal amounts of food soil to clean up leftover messes from your day-to-day meals
  • Takes care of heavily soiled messes and other hard-to-clean dishes without the extra elbow grease by adding extra time to the cycle
  • Get thorough cleaning with the High Temperature Wash option
  • Use a clean, dry dish straight from the dishwasher thanks to added heat for drying. For optimal drying results, use this option with rinse aid
  • The full lit display glows for wash, drain, drying, sanitized and clean along with the time in hours and minutes so theres no need to guess when your dishes will be ready
  • ENERGY STAR certified models exceed government standards to help save money on your utility bills
  • Industry's best selling dishwasher brand

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