GE Cafe 24in Smart Top Control, Stainless Tub, Dishwasher
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GE Cafe 24in Smart Top Control, Stainless Tub, Dishwasher

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  • Advanced Wash System with more than 140 Cleaning Jets - Set a stunning table with dishes that sparkle thanks to the industrys most Advanced Wash System with over 140 cleaning jets that deliver complete coverage to every inch of the dishwasher
  • Deep Clean Silverware Jets - Spotted silverware has no place at your table, thanks to Deep Clean Silverware Jets that ensure every utensil comes out looking immaculate
  • Third Rack - Easily clean an entire dinner-partys worth of flatware at once with a convenient third rack across the top of the dishwasher
  • Bottle Jets - Vases, canisters and bottles are always clean and ready for your tablescape thanks to the targeted washing power of Bottle Jets
  • Wi-Fi Connect- Always have clean dishes ready for surprise guests with Wi-Fi Connect, which lets you operate your dishwasher from your smartphone. Track and automatically reorder detergent and rinse aid with just the tap of an app
  • Hidden vent with fan dry and hidden heater - Plates, silverware and glassware are ready to go from dishwasher to the table thanks to a 1,000-watt hidden heater and vent with fan dry
  • Easy touch adjustable upper rack with 2 Stem Safe shelves - Create more room for platters, baking sheets, stemware and more with an adjustable upper rack that glides up or down 2-inches with one easy touch
  • Top control with LCD display - Sleek and easy to operate, the top control design and LCD display keeps buttons out of sight while still within reach
  • Side Jets - Achieve a complete clean with powerful side jets that cascade water to fill the dishwasher and washes soils away
  • 40 dBA - Run the dishwasher without interrupting the mood with ultra-quiet 40 dBA operations
  • Variable pressure jets - Ensure every dish gets a complete wash with variable pressure jets that increase and decrease water pressure for a maximized clean
  • Floor Protect with Alert Technology - Easily detect, contain and get notified quickly of unexpected leaks with Floor Protect with Alert Technology
  • LED status indicator on door - Just one glance of the LED status light on the door lets you know your dishwasher is running, so you can keep mingling, cooking, hosting and chatting
  • 3-piece silverware basket - Divide and conquer any loading challenge with a 3-piece silverware basket that can be separated and placed anywhere in the dishwasher
  • Lower rack adjustable tines - Configure the lower rack however you please to fit anything from a large colander to a teacup saucer with adjustable, multi-postion, fold-down tines
  • Reversing quad blade wash arm - Get dishes impressively clean with the revolutionary reversing quad-blade lower wash arm and its 25 spray jets to hit items from every angle
  • Customization - Select any combination of premium finishes and hardware options to create a stunning look customized to any owners taste

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