GE 45-Decibel Hard Food Disposer Built-in Dishwasher (Stainless Steel)
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GE 45-Decibel Hard Food Disposer Built-in Dishwasher (Stainless Steel)

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  • Third rack - easily clean all your flatware, knives and small utensils with an additional rack across the top of the dishwasher
  • Bottle jets - clean hard-to-reach areas inside tall items with 2 jets in the upper rack that shower water for the ultimate clean
  • Adjustable upper rack with 2 stem safe shelves for tall glassware and plates with room in the bottom rack for large platters
  • Piranha™ hard food disposer with removable filter - to ensure consistently clean items, this stainless steel blade rotates at 3,600 RPM to pulverize food particles and helps to prevent large particles from clogging the wash arms
  • Full-extension smooth-glide upper rack - loading and unloading is smooth and simple with a durable rack that fully extends on ball bearings
  • Hidden vent with fan dry - dishes dry quickly and efficiently with a fan that extracts moisture from the interior
  • Lower rack multi-position, fold-down tines and wash your way customizable rack - configure racks to fit your dishes with adjustable loading options including multi-position, fold-down tines
  • Floor Protect - uncommon leaks can be easily detected and contained
  • 45 dBA - ultra-quiet operation creates a peaceful kitchen environment even as it delivers powerful wash performance

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