Appliance Warranty

90-Day Appliance Limited Warranty

The Closeout Market offers a 90-day parts and labor limited warranty on its appliances which starts on the date of purchase. There is no implied warranty of merchantability nor any implied warranty of fitness for any particular purpose. There are no warranties either expressed or implied which extend beyond the terms set herein and each appliance is sold AS IS.

  1. This warranty is an IN-SHOP PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY, meaning should an appliance need repair the customer is responsible for the transport of the appliance to and from The Closeout Market. If pickup and delivery is required a $35 fee will be charged and only within the delivery area offered. The Closeout Market may choose to repair the item or utilize a third party appliance repair service at its sole discretion. If the appliance is not repairable, The Closeout Market will replace the appliance with a similar appliance of the same value within your warranty period. There will be no refunds under any circumstance.
  2. Steps to handle a warranty claim are as follows:
  • You must call the store from which you purchased your appliance (see numbers below) immediately upon noticing the issue with the appliance so we can attempt to address the situation over the phone.
  • If we cannot address the issue over the phone, we will discuss the process of returning your appliance to the appropriate location. We will not accept an appliance return without a telephonic notice of the issue and approval of the return in advance.
  • The customer must present this warranty and the receipt to receive services offered by this warranty.
  • The Closeout Market will complete all repairs within 5 business days of its receipt of parts from the manufacturer. If a needed repair will take longer than 15 days to complete, and the customer requests it, a replacement appliance shall be offered.
  • If any appliance sold has any applicable manufacturer warranty or is under a recall from the manufacturer, the customer must seek any and all remedies and service according to the manufacturer’s warranty or recall. The Closeout Market does not support manufacturer warranty or recall issues.
  • Limit of Liability – The Closeout Market shall not be responsible for any damage caused by appliance failure or malfunction including, but not limited to, fire, flooding, personal injury, death, damage of any kind to personal or real property, food spoilage, or any other liability whatsoever.
  • Items not covered by the warranty include self-cleaning mode, leveling legs, shelving or racks, cosmetic issues, glass cooktops or other included glass, icemakers, water dispensers, fill or drain hoses, and any item resulting from customer’s misuse as determined by The Closeout Market. Any repairs completed by the Closeout Market for items not covered by the warranty shall be paid by the customer.
  • If you take your appliance home in a personal vehicle, this warranty will not cover any damage that results from such transport or installation.
    1. Repair or repair attempts by anyone other than The Closeout Market, except for any repairs related to paragraph 4 above.
    2. Taking home an appliance in the rain without it being properly covered.
    3. The transport of any refrigerator or freezer laying down.
    4. Failure to return the appliance in the same or similar condition as it was at the time of purchase. The appliance must be intact, clean and properly transported.
  • The Closeout Market will not be responsible for any damage as the result of electrical damage caused by any improper installation, including but not limited to appliance plug wiring or home electrical issues.
  • No exceptions will be made to this limited warranty under any circumstances